Islanders grant another Make-A-Wish to Eric Boulton

The Elbow staff 

Image courtesy of  the MTA

Image courtesy of the MTA

BROOKLYN, NY – The New York Islanders made Eric Boulton's dreams come true again today by signing the 39-year-old to yet another one-year contract.

Boulton has an irreversible condition that severely impacts his hand-eye coordination and ability to handle a puck. It is usually contracted before birth, and there are currently no known cures.

The native of Halifax, NS was the very first recipient of Make-A-Wish's inaugural 'Lifelong Wishlist' award 20 years ago. It is a program that allowed children to have a wish granted each year.

It was the target of public outrage in 1998 – the program's third year – as several special interest groups believed the wishes should be shared around to multiple children. However, Boulton's participation in the program was allowed to continue once footage of him skating around the ice was aired on national television in the United States.

Today, the Islanders are just happy that they can help someone in need.

"People can say what they want about the program," director of team communications Paul Wooley said.

"We know what we've done with Eric over the past few years has had a positive impact on a disadvantaged man's life, and we feel strongly about supporting him."

At press time, Boulton could not be reached for comment.