Brendan Gallagher's piano career over after taking Boychuk slapshot to hand

The Elbow staff

Image courtesy of  Lisa Gansky

Image courtesy of Lisa Gansky

MONTREAL, QC – Brendan Gallagher's piano career came to a crashing halt on Sunday night after taking a Johnny Boychuk slapshot to the hand.

The Canadiens' forward tried to regain his composure after blocking the shot, but left the ice in noticeable pain and with a couple of severely broken fingers.

While in the dressing room, the team doctor informed him that the fingers – that now resemble a pair of Cheetos – would never play the piano again. His teacher, who attends all of his games, was on hand for the news.

"Such a beautiful career just washed down the drain," Natasha von Herbinberg said with tears in her eyes.

"His fingers have performed some of the greatest pieces in human history. This is a devastating loss to the Montreal classical music community."

After six months of practice, Gallagher recently got through the first 10 bars of Für Elise without making a mistake, and was reportedly very excited to go on to the next 10.

According to numerous sources in the Canadiens' organization, the Edmonton native was inconsolable when the doctor broke the news to him, but vowed that he would "do whatever it takes to return to tickle the ivories".