Habs confident Dale Weise can break out of his scoring streak

The Elbow staff

MONTREAL, QC – The Montreal Canadiens today tried easing rising tensions among fans surrounding the uncharacteristic early-season scoring streak of forward Dale Weise.

With seven goals in his first 14 games, Weise is tied with captain Max Pacioretty to lead the team, and sits just three behind league leader Jamie Benn.

The Habs are positive that he'll lose his scoring touch soon.

"We'd like to assure all Montreal Canadiens fans that both he and the team are doing everything possible to put an end to the run," director of player personnel Rene Pulin said today. "If we have to, we'll put him on a line with Alex Semin if that's what it'll take to stop the bleeding."

"Before we know it, he'll be back to the Dale Weise we all know and love."

Thumbnail image on front page courtesy of John Walker.