Sharks' Couture regrets throwing out voodoo doll

The Elbow staff

File photo of the voodoo doll that couture threw out.  Source .

File photo of the voodoo doll that couture threw out. Source.

SAN JOSE, CA – Sharks forward Logan Couture admitted on Friday that throwing out a voodoo doll he bought in New Orleans may have been a mistake.

Couture underwent surgery after sustaining arterial bleeding in his thigh in his second game back from a fractured fibula that cost him 23 games.

"I was going through some old boxes over the summer, and found this old voodoo doll I bought years ago," he said from his hospital bed.

"There was a little voice in the back of my head telling me not to throw it out, but I ignored it. Now I wish I could go back in time."

Couture plans to go back to Louisiana to undo the spell he's placed upon himself, however he is wary about taking any form of transport to get there, in case his bad luck continues. It is believed he will hike there with the team's favourite Wookiee, Brent Burns.

Despite spending so much time on the sidelines, the forward admits he is somewhat relieved to know that he won't be blamed when the Sharks eventually fall off the face of the earth leading up to the playoffs.