Bolts hope Stamkos can break out of playoff form

The Elbow staff

TORONTO, ON – Following Tuesday's win against Toronto, Lightning spokesman Linden Rivera admitted that members of the team's front office are hoping that captain Steven Stamkos can break out of his recent playoff form.

"We need to get inside his head and see what's going on there," he said. "It's only December...there's no need for him to go missing yet."

"Hell, we're not even in a playoff spot right now."

The 25-year-old has gone his last 10 games without scoring.

"This is the third longest drought of his career," Rivera said. "He needs to get his head around the fact that this isn't a seven game series, and that there are no knockout games at this stage."

Stamkos has 22 points in 32 games this season.