Cities grounded by NHL

The Elbow staff

image courtesy of  Maëlick

image courtesy of Maëlick

NEW YORK, NY – The NHL has ordered Toronto and Seattle to stay home for two weeks without being able to go out and see their friends, in a ruling handed down on Tuesday.

The harsh decision came after both cities failed to officially apply for an expansion franchise despite persistent rumours in the weeks leading up to the league's July 20 deadline that they would submit bids alongside eventual applicants Las Vegas and Quebec City.

The grounding of both cities is one that has been widely criticized by executives from numerous teams in the league.

"To be perfectly honest with you, I would've thought that no TV for a week would've been enough," one executive said under condition of anonymity.

"By the time they get back out on to the playground with their buddies, the countdown to schools opening is well and truly on."

"Summer will be more or less finished by the time the grounding is over, so what the league has done is basically ended their summer holidays before August." 

Another executive described the grounding as "so mean" and that their "mom wouldn't do that to [them]."