Underpaid worker battles conflicting emotions when discussing free agency signings

The Elbow staff

Image courtesy of  Star5112

Image courtesy of Star5112

MISSISSAUGA, ON – Local office worker, Dylan Foley, was met with numerous internal conflicts when discussing Braden Holtby's arbitration case with two work colleagues on Monday afternoon. 

During their 20 minute lunch break, the three people – all juggling car repayments, mortgages, credit card debt and potential layoffs – vigorously debated how many millions of dollars the Washington netminder really should've been paid in his arbitration case last Friday.

"He was paid way too much," one of the men was heard to say. 

"Yes, but you look at the other netminders around the league, and I think he deserved what he eventually got," Foley responded, despite knowing that his daughter's upcoming orthodontics appointment would mean they wouldn't be able to go to the movies for "a little while."

"No kidding," the third person responded, "I think he was very unlucky not to get $7 million a year."

All three workers were later seen walking away from the conversation in a bewildered state.