Max Talbot not recognized at Talbot family gathering

The Elbow staff

LEMOYNE, QC – Boston forward Max Talbot reportedly made it through an entire two-hour dinner with immediate family and extended relatives while going completely unrecognized by everyone in attendance.

It is believed that throughout the dinner, which took place earlier this month, a number of people exchanged quizzical looks at each other while subtly motioning in Talbot's direction. 

The 31-year-old was not shy about sharing his views on the upcoming Canadian federal election before going on to express his dislike of drivers who fail to use their indicators.

"I stopped a guy the other day to ask him if he knew where his indicator was," Talbot laughed. "He had no idea." 

On both occasions, various Talbots smiled politely before remembering there was something in the kitchen that needed doing.