Gary Roberts excited to begin working out with Gary Roberts

The Elbow staff

Image courtesy of  Resolute

Image courtesy of Resolute

TORONTO, ON – Long-time NHL veteran Gary Roberts today announced that he will be working out with trainer Gary Roberts in an attempt to get back to the NHL.

Roberts, 49, believes that Roberts gives him the best change to reach peak performance and to compete with the much younger competition.

"I see his name pop up all the time when I read about who these current NHLers are training with," Roberts told reporters on Friday morning. "If I'm serious about getting back in the league, I need to give myself the best chance, and that starts with Mr. Roberts' grueling program."

Steven Stamkos, long-time student of Roberts, said it was a positive move, but that he would need to fully commit to the program.

"There's no-one better to be training with if he wants to get back to playing in the NHL," he said. "The Chicken Breast Power Water™ will help speed up the process, but he's going to be needing to do a record number of burpees to make it all worthwhile."

"I can't wait to see the result."