Play date at the commissioner's house part of expansion process

The Elbow staff

Image courtesy of  James Marvin Phelps

Image courtesy of James Marvin Phelps

NEW YORK, NY – The NHL kicked off phase two of the expansion process this past weekend, resulting in much confusion about what it actually involved.

One element of the phase will see Las Vegas and Quebec City invited to Gary Bettman's house, a source told The Elbow.

The invitation includes a trip to the commissioner's cellar and a chance to touch the elusive "real" fourth Stanley Cup. There have always been questions surrounding the Cup and which of the three previously believed to be in existence are just for show. According to our insider, the one in Bettman's house was crafted by Pierre McGuire's mother while he was in utero, and is the one that was first held by Montreal HC in 1893.

"Not many people are invited down [to the cellar]," the source said. "It's a space that has only been reserved for the most special of guests."

"Think (Sidney) Crosby, Mark Messier and Berry Melrose's mullet."

After playing with the cup, it is believed that both cities will be treated to juice boxes and cookies before a nap around 3pm ET.