Teleconference hijacked by John Tortorella

The Elbow staff 

Image courtesy of  Robert Kowal

Image courtesy of Robert Kowal

NEW YORK, NY – A teleconference between journalists and World Cup of Hockey officials was hijacked by ex-NHL coach John Tortorella on Tuesday. 

The 57-year-old reportedly told a number of journalists on the call to "shut up" and "quit your whining," before challenging one to a fight.

"It's gutless," he told one journalist. "Next question." When told by someone that no-one was asking him any questions, he cut them off by repeating himself.

It is not known how Tortorella was able to get in on the call, but the moderator managed to cut him off after five minutes of the nonsensical tirade.

The Stanley Cup-winning coach is well known to hockey fans for his run-ins with members of the hockey media. 

When asked about the hijacking later that day, Tortorella said "I wish I could give you a f***ing explanation about it...I can't."