Local man decides that "this is the year" he commits to all six fantasy leagues

The Elbow staff 

VICTORIA, BC – Despite losing interest in all of his fantasy hockey teams by mid-January in each of the last four seasons, self-described hockey nut Rick Mullen has stated that he will finally commit to playing out this upcoming season: win, lose or draw.

"This is the year," he said, "I just have a feeling that I'm going to stick with my teams and get them to the playoffs."

"In the last few years I got caught up with work, or going out with friends, or whatever, but this season is the one that I commit myself fully to all six of these teams."

When asked about the volume of work involved with managing that many teams, he was clear to defend the commitment required.

"It's really not that many. All I need to do is sort out the lineups each Monday morning, and I'm set for the week."

"I really don't know why I've had trouble sticking to it in past seasons, but I won't have that problem this year. I'm sure of it."

At press time, it was reported that he fell asleep prior to the draft for his first league and was forced to auto pick, taking James Wisniewski with the fourth overall pick before taking Loui Eriksson in the second round. Upon seeing that when he woke up, he swore that next year would be his year.