Dan Cleary fan club shuts down after latest contract

The Elbow staff

Image courtesy of  Jeff Powers

Image courtesy of Jeff Powers

DETROIT, MI – The world's only known Dan Cleary fan club closed its doors on Friday, after learning that the forward had signed on for yet another season with the Detroit Red Wings.

Cleary, 36, will suit up for his 11th straight campaign with the team this year, despite registering just 10 points over the past two seasons.

Walt Gordon, president and founding member of Dan is Clearly the Man, said he wouldn't be able to face his family if the club stayed open.

"It's been a rough few years trying to pretend we still enjoy watching him play," he said from his home in Ann Arbor. "But with this latest announcement, I've decided that we can't go on."  

"Enough is enough. What sort of example am I sending to my kids if I idolize a guy who should be playing beer leagues with me?"

The fan club's headquarters, a space above the Denny's half a mile from the Joe Louis Arena, will now revert back to its original purpose of housing extra cups and other Denny's-branded merchandise.