Local Canucks fan frustrated that team can't replicate his 82-0 NHL 16 season

The Elbow staff

EA Sports wunderkind Jason Wilson hopes he can help turn around the fortuntes of his Canucks.  Image source

EA Sports wunderkind Jason Wilson hopes he can help turn around the fortuntes of his Canucks. Image source

VANCOUVER, BC – Local Canucks fan, Jason Wilson, says he is growing more and more impatient by the day with the way his team is playing on the ice.

The 24-year-old from downtown Vancouver has had successive 82-0 seasons with the Canucks on his NHL 16 franchise and sees no reason why the real-life version can't do the same.

"I just don't get it," Wilson said. "If [general manager Jim] Benning and [head coach Willie] Desjardins pulled their heads out and played Baertschi, Horvat and Virtanen together, and gave Markstrom more starts, I promise you that things would change."

Wilson said that he won every game by an average of 6-1 this season, before sweeping every opponent he faced en route to the Stanley Cup.

"I wrote to the Aquilinis offering my services as an advisor last week. I'm expecting to hear back some time this coming week, so I've told my mom not to answer the phone."

His father, Hank, says that he would not be at all surprised to see his son offered a big contract to join the team's front office. 

"We've known for many years that Jason has this incredible knack for knowing what is best when it comes to his Canucks."

"After every mistake is made, he seems to know what would've been the better course of action."

Jason said that he's now rooting for the team to tank the rest of this season to get a good draft pick so they can start afresh with his grand plan in September.

At press time, a small set of fans – led by his father – have voiced their support on a Facebook group calling for the Canucks to hire Wilson. There are currently 12 likes and counting.