Giordano reveals that he was serious about setting Gaudreau on fire

The Elbow staff

Mark Giordano plans to set the league ablaze on Saturday.  Source

Mark Giordano plans to set the league ablaze on Saturday. Source

NASHVILLE, TN – Calgary captain Mark Giordano admitted on Saturday that yesterday's reports of him joking about setting teammate Johnny Gaudreau on fire were "completely false".

The 32-year-old defenceman said that he had every intention of one-upping Linus Omark's efforts in the KHL skills competition by setting the diminutive forward alight at today's event.

"I hate that little ****," Giordano said. "I've been wanting him to catch fire while doing one of his pirouettes in the middle of the ice for a long, long time."

Giordano admitted that he was unsure why the media reported his initial comments as a joke.

"I don't know why they said I was kidding. I wasn't laughing."

"That little bastard needs to be taught not to pull any more of his stupid pranks. I've had ants in my jockstrap and male hookers in my hotel room for the last time."

When questioned about his captain's plans, Gaudreau simply giggled as he was pushed away in a wheelbarrow by teammate Dougie Hamilton with his hands waving in the air.