Chicago to host the Blackhawks in 2018 Winter Classic

The Elbow staff 

Wrigley Field will be the home of the 2018 Winter Classic.  Source

Wrigley Field will be the home of the 2018 Winter Classic. Source

CHICAGO, IL – In a move that the NHL believes will excite all hockey fans, commissioner Gary Bettman today announced that the 2018 Winter Classic will be played between two teams comprised entirely of the Blackhawks roster.

The game will take place on January 2nd at Wrigley Field, with an alumni game on New Year's Day.

"I'm sure all hockey fans will agree that the prospect of seeing this team play in this annual tradition is very exciting," Bettman said. "They're a team that everyone can get behind, and I think it's been too long since we've seen them in an outdoor game."

"For that reason, we've decided that an intra-club game featuring the full roster is the best result for fans everywhere."

Blackhawks season ticket holders were celebrating the news on Monday afternoon.

"It's about time," one fan told The Elbow. "I can't remember the last one we played in."

"If any fan base is more deserving of this game than us, I'd like to know which one that is," another fan said. 

Bettman said that any negative fan mail he receives about the decision will get placed in the "special cylindrical filing cabinet" usually reserved for mail coming from Canada.