Brian Elliott files restraining order against Connor McDavid

The Elbow staff

CALGARY, AB – Flames goaltender Brian Elliott today applied to file a restraining order against Oilers captain Connor McDavid.

After being subjected to what he described as a "calculated attempt to inflict pain and suffering" by McDavid, Elliott has asked a local Alberta court to enforce an order that would keep him from coming within 200 feet from his place of work.

"Every person has the right to feel safe at work," Elliott said in a statement today. "But since Wednesday October 12, 2016, my family and I have been terrified for my safety in his presence."

On that particular night, Elliott gave up six goals on just 27 shots – two of which came at the hands of McDavid. Last night, the 19-year-old scored another one, in a blatant show of brutality.

Legal experts believe that Elliott has a valid case.

"What we've witnessed the past two times McDavid showed up at Elliott's work has been incomprehensible," local lawyer James Barnstein said. "In our society, every person is entitled to feel safe and be given every opportunity to succeed."

"What [McDavid] has done cannot be tolerated, and we hope the authorities are able to help end this outright victimization."

According to a number of sources around the league, if the order is not held up in provincial court, there is no telling just how out of hand this could get.

"I would recommend letting Brian work from home," one anonymous source said. "I'm sure he has plenty to offer by working on some spreadsheets or something."

"We all know that he shouldn't be expected to face McDavid again – that much is true."