Garth Snow calls emergency meeting after realizing that coaches can be fired

The Elbow staff

BROOKLYN, NY – Islanders GM Garth Snow last night called an emergency meeting of his front office staff after discovering that he does, in fact, have the power to fire his head coach.

The realization came after Florida's Gerard Gallant was let go following his team's loss to Carolina on Sunday.

"After I heard the news about the Panthers, my mind kind of started racing," Snow said to reporters following the meeting. "I've just met with Doug (Weight) and a few other staff members, and after some calls to the NHL head office, it was confirmed that I do have the power to hire and fire head coaches."

"I know that this will come as a surprise to most of our fans as well, as it certainly caught me off guard. I just want to tell them that everything is under control."

The press conference was short, as Snow appeared to be in a rush to be somewhere else.

At press time, all calls to Islanders head coach Jack Capuano were met with a recorded message saying the phone number was out of service.

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