New hockey podcast promises fresh, in-depth take on NHL

By Wally Barnes

Toby Jenkins (right) and his co-host Mike 'Spud' Tuberry delve deep into another issue.  Source

Toby Jenkins (right) and his co-host Mike 'Spud' Tuberry delve deep into another issue. Source

VAUGHAN, ON – A small group of students from a local university are promising to turn the hockey world on its head with their "groundbreaking" new podcast, Pucks In Deep.

Toby Jenkins, the self-anointed producer, on-air talent, and spokesman, said that the podcast's mantra will be to ask all of the hard questions unlike the other guys.

"It'll be very different from any of the other shows currently on mainstream radio," Jenkins said on Tuesday. "While they all dance around the important stuff, we plan on diving right into the heart of all the big issues."

"We're hungry for the real story. All of our guests will be warned that there will be no holds barred, and that no topics are off-limits."

The three teens from outside of Toronto have been hockey fans their whole lives, and anticipate being headhunted by Sportsnet or TSN within a couple of months of the show airing, due to how good it promises to be.

"We're going to have so many segments," co-host Mike 'Spud' Tuberry said. "Listeners haven't heard anything like this before."

"It's going to blow some minds."

With barely any connections in the hockey media to speak of, the three are hoping that the now-distant contact one of them made at The Score during a three-week internship two years ago will help them lure some of the league's biggest names to come on and get interviewed.

The group is hoping to release the first podcast next month. The first two episodes will be free, and after that listeners will be charged $3.99 per episode. 

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