NHL considers implementing two-goal line

The Elbow staff

A leaked diagram showing the way NHL ice might look in coming seasons.  Original source

A leaked diagram showing the way NHL ice might look in coming seasons. Original source

NEW YORK, NY – Numerous sources within the NHL have hinted at the possibility of the league changing the shape of the blue lines from straight to curved, and having them act in a similar way to basketball's three-point line. 

It is understood that any goal scored from behind the curved lines would be worth two, rather than the usual one.

According to one anonymous source close to The Elbow, if the board of governors approve the proposal at their winter meetings next month, the new rules could be in effect as early as next year.

"Fans are currently not happy with the product that the league is selling," one source said this morning. "The NHL is constantly hearing that changes are necessary, so they're open to any ideas at this point."

The curving of the blue line would also mean that offsides would become a thing of the past, as players would be encouraged to pass the puck back to defencemen outside the two-goal line to maximize their scoring capacity.

It is believed that the change would also mean that coaches challenges would be more or less nullified with offsides out of the equation.

After observing a massive drop in quality of slapshots – including Nick Holden's against Columbus last month – the league believes it needs to encourage young players to develop the skill more, and that rewarding accurate shooting from deep is a great way to do that.

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