Willie Desjardins says he still can't tell the Sedins apart

By Wally Barnes 

VANCOUVER, BC – Canucks head coach Willie Desjardins admitted on Monday that he still has absolutely no idea which Sedin twin is which. 

Despite being in his third season behind the Vancouver bench, Desjardins says that he makes sure to check the names on their jerseys before talking to them.

"As coach I have a really good vantage point standing behind them so I can always see their jersey numbers," he said today. "But it's still difficult."

"One day, Henrik is the good one, and the next day Daniel is. One day, Henrik is the one with the thin nose and weird shaped head, and the next day...well, that's both of them."

The situation is even more difficult when they no longer have their hockey gear on.

"When they're in street clothes, forget about it. I just guess their names. Pretty much everyone else in the organization does the same thing."

It is understood that the players take bets each day on who they think is who. No one has a higher success rate than 60 percent.

Distinguishing between them is especially hard because they drive to the arena together. Rumour has it, they also sleep in a bunk bed in their shared condo, but that has not been confirmed by either twin.

When asked, all that Daniel said is that from time to time he needs to check his license to make sure which one he is.

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