Media insists it always loved and respected Tortorella

By Wally Barnes


VANCOUVER, BC – Journalists and editors around the league were scrambling to save face on Sunday night, insisting that they've always thought John Tortorella was a great coach. 

In all of the major cities from coast to coast, a loud beeping could be heard as every newsroom across the continent reversed on its go-to narrative about the Blue Jackets bench boss.

"He's always been one of the best in the league," an unnamed journalist based in Vancouver told The Elbow. "We thought he was very hard done by here, and should've been given more of a fair go by management."

"None of the so-called personality issues had anything to do with him. The players should've taken the blame for that not working out."

An editor for a newspaper south of the border in Chicago said the team Tortorella helped assemble for the United States at the World Cup of Hockey earlier this year was one of the best national teams in recent memory.

"On paper, that team would've given the Miracle on Ice guys a run for their money," he said. "Our publication was very vocal about all of the player selections being spot on."

"Jack and Erik Johnson offered way more than Kevin Shattenkirk ever could have, and who's ever won with a guy like Phil Kessel on their team?"

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