Detroit fan insists he has always been interested in World Juniors

The Elbow staff

BAGLEY, MI – A Detroit-area man today revealed to his buddies that he has always been a big fan of watching the World Junior Championships.

While watching the game between Switzerland and the Czech Republic, William Mose insisted that the likelihood of the Red Wings picking high in the NHL draft this summer had absolutely nothing to do with his current interest in the competition.

"I was watching every single game even when the Wings were the best team in the NHL," he told the group on Tuesday. "I've always known all of the players' names and where they'll be drafted."

"I watch because I'm really interested in the up-and-coming players."

Following the conversation, a friend of Moss' spoke to The Elbow under the condition of anonymity, saying it is a blatant lie.

"He only found out last year that the world juniors even exist," his buddy said. "Before that, he thought the Olympics was the only international competition there was."

At press time, it is understood that none of his other friends believed what he was saying, either.

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