Sabres coach and GM "truly, genuinely, incredibly surprised" by latest Kane indiscretion

The Elbow staff

BUFFALO, NY – Sabres coach Dan Bylsma fronted the media on Monday to explain how shocked he was at forward Evander Kane's most recent indiscretion.

The 24-year-old reportedly slept in and missed team practice after partying in Toronto at the NBA All Star game on Sunday night. 

"I just cannot believe what he's done," a wide-eyed Bylsma said Monday. 

"Of all the players to sleep in and miss training after a big night, I'm speechless to hear that it's Evander."

General manager Tim Murray was more bug-eyed than usual when he read a from a crumpled up piece of paper while addressing the media on Monday afternoon.

"No, none of us saw this coming," he said in a rehearsed monotone, making sure to look every reporter in the eyes as the PR specialist told him to.

"[Kane] is an upstanding young man who just likes to fit in. We've all been caught off guard by this...uncharacteristic mistake."

"If you can't trust Evander to stay out of trouble, then that kind of ruins your faith in all of your guys, you know?"

Team captain Brian Gionta said that he "most definitely did not see this coming from the moment he first walked in the locker room" when asked about the incident.

Kane was suspended for the team's game against Ottawa on Tuesday.