Sens forward trying to make 'Dzingel' into a catchphrase

By Wally Barnes

OTTAWA, ON – Senators forward Ryan Dzingel has reportedly spent the last two months trying to convince his teammates to use his surname as their newest locker room catchphrase.

The 24-year-old insists it has nothing to do with his obsession with TV show The Big Bang Theory, saying he just thinks Dzingel sounds super cool and he's heard other people use it.

"Dzingel!" he said, as reporters approached his locker. "Catchy, isn't it?"

"I've been hearing people saying this everywhere I go, I think it's great."

His teammates, however, are unimpressed.

"I think it started when we were playing poker on a day off in November," teammate Bobby Ryan said. "He got a good hand and just yelled it out, then started chuckling to himself."

"We all ignored it."

Defenceman Cody Ceci says he is going to any length necessary to discourage his teammate.

"I don't know why he keeps trying to make Dzingel a thing. It's not a thing," he said.

"I've put a bounty on his head. Anyone who hears him saying it and punches him in the guts gets a tenner. I might be broke by the spring."

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