NHLPA tells players to start using "at this time of the season" in interviews

The Elbow staff


TORONTO, ON – A league-wide memo has been sent out by the NHL Players' Association encouraging all players to begin using the line "at this time of the season" when being interviewed by the media.

The letter obtained by The Elbow says that despite the fact that the playoffs are still three months away, now is the time to pretend like every game matters.

"At this time of the season, when fans start to get a little lazy in their viewing habits, we need all of you to pretend that these games actually count for something," the letter reads.

"Your coaches have been relied upon for too long to carry this out, and now we are asking you to pick up that slack."

"You must all begin by adjusting your language and pretending that the playoffs are right around the corner."

The reaction from the league's players on Monday was swift, as dozens hurried to speak to reporters following morning skates.

"At this time of the season, every point matters," they said collectively.

"All we can do right now is take it minute by minute and win every shift."

At the same time, fans around the league reportedly promised themselves that they ought to catch a game soon, before going back to the NFL playoffs.

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