Paul Maurice tries smiling

The Elbow staff

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WINNIPEG, MB – Jets head coach Paul Maurice shocked onlookers on Monday night as he attempted to pull off a smile during his team's game against Minnesota at the Bell MTS Place.

The Winnipeg bench boss attempted the odd facial movement by relaxing his brow and curling his lips into what could only be described as not a pout.

"Honestly, I thought he was trying to pass wind," referee Jean Hebert told The Elbow. "He looked really uncomfortable."

"My first reaction was to call out to one of the trainers to have a look at him, but he insisted that he was fine."

A number of families said that they were forced to leave the arena after it was shown on the jumbotron.

"I've never seen anything so inappropriate at a hockey game before," Mary Wheeler, from nearby Sanford said. "I bring my two young boys to see the Jets, and there’s no way to prepare them for something that."

A Jets official apologized for the incident during the second intermission, saying that Maurice has been told to stick to his usual menacing look.

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