Man burning effigy of Kevin Cheveldayoff says he's just happy the Jets are back

The Elbow staff

Ryan Tucker's two sons enjoying their effigy. Image sources:  Morgan loomis  &  UpSticksNGo

Ryan Tucker's two sons enjoying their effigy. Image sources: Morgan loomis & UpSticksNGo

WINNIPEG, MB – Local man Ryan Tucker took a break from poking the burning effigy of Kevin Cheveldayoff on Saturday morning to say that he's really happy hockey is back in Winnipeg.

The lifelong Jets fan said the last six seasons had been a dream come true for him and his sons, as he searched around his backyard for more lighter fluid.

"I think the best way to describe how I feel is thankful," he said. "It's really true what they say about you missing something when it's gone."

"Losing the team back then forced me to appreciate the ups and downs of hockey more. You just roll through the bad days and remember how much worse it was when we had no hockey at all," he said, shaking a near-empty gas canister.

"Ollie, make sure you find more of those dry logs from before, they'll be perfect for the Paul Maurice one," he told his 12-year-old son.

When asked what he thought of the team's inability to win a single playoff game since returning to the league, he laughed and insisted that it's not about winning.

"We said we'd support this management team through thick and thin, and that's what we'll do."

"We're just happy to have our team back."

According to local reports, the fire department was called to Tucker's property this afternoon after a "gasoline-fuelled fire" got out of hand.

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