Quebec City journalist celebrates writing 1,000th relocation article

By Wally Barnes

Lacquort working hard on relocation story #1,001.  Source

Lacquort working hard on relocation story #1,001. Source

QUEBEC CITY, QC – Local journalist René Lacquort today celebrated writing his 1,000th article about possible relocation of an NHL team to his home town of Quebec City.

Lacquort's work has featured heavily in the Quebec Chronice-Telegraph and Le Journal de Québec since 2002.

"It's a great feeling to meet this achievement," Lacquort said through a translator on Monday. "I, like many journalists in 1995, sought to do my best to help bring a second NHL team back to Quebec after we lost the Nordiques."

"By writing as many articles as I could about potential political interest and theoretical arenas, I feel as if I've done my part in bringing the team back."

Lacquort's editor at the Chronicle, Jacques DuPorte, says he deserves all of the credit he receives for hitting the target.

"René is the province's foremost expert on fictional NHL relocation," he said. "I've never had another writer come through my door who has given as much of himself to reach a particular goal."

"Young journalists are taught about him in university, with many aspiring to reach such futile goals as well."

At press time, the NHL's communication department confirmed they have never been made aware of Lacquort's work and have no interest in ever bringing another team back to Canada.

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