Sharks' Burns and Thornton will shave beards to make nice rug

The Elbow staff 

Brent Burns, left, and Joe Thornton, inset.  Source

Brent Burns, left, and Joe Thornton, inset. Source

SAN JOSE, CA – Sharks teammates Brent Burns and Joe Thornton today announced that they will be combining their powers in the summer, by shaving off their beards to make a nice Persian-style rug.

While the design is still yet to be confirmed by the pair, it is believed that they have enough hair for a 6-foot by 3-foot floor covering.

"It's exciting," Thornton told The Elbow today. "There are certain opportunities that present themselves to you in this sport, and with teammates like [Burns], you just have to take every one of them."

"It'll certainly be the highlight of my career so far."

Thornton said that the two of them have visited over 20 rug stores in the past few weeks to get design ideas for the shag.

His star defenceman says they're still yet to nail down the arrangement of where the rug will spend most of its time, but they're hoping to share it equally.

"The rug will spend some time at my house, and some time at Joe's," Burns said. "We're going to try splitting it pretty evenly."

"Ideally we'd like to spend most nights at each other's houses so we don't have to keep moving it back and forth. We'll just have to ask our wives to make sure we're allowed."

According to team captain Joe Pavelski, the two men have been stocking up on candy, comic books and Austin Powers DVDs in the past few days in anticipation of the slumber parties to come.

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