Babcock to scratch Matthews if he keeps being forced to enjoy his job

By Wally Barnes

TORONTO, ON – Maple Leafs head coach Mike Babcock today said that he would not hesitate to send star rookie Auston Matthews to the press box if he keeps being forced to enjoy highlight-reel plays by the forward.

The harsh words came after the 19-year-old scored one of the goals of the season, forcing the coach to purse his lips and force a smile down on the bench.

"I thought Auston was alright on that goal last night," Babcock told the assembled media through an interpreter. "But I didn't get into this business to enjoy what I'm doing. Simply put, all I want to do is win."

"If Auston wants to go out there and make flashy plays like that, he can do it for someone else," he mumbled. "I want to see some more grit."

Babcock went on to say that the right play would've been to cycle the puck, pass it up to the man at the point, and get the shot on net through a screen.

Toronto plays again on Tuesday night against Winnipeg. It is believed that Matthews will only be dressed if he shows enough heart and determination at the morning skate.

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