Man under the impression that proposing to girlfriend at centre ice not a horrible idea

The Elbow staff

Adam and his soon-to-be ex-girlfriend Melissa this past summer.

Adam and his soon-to-be ex-girlfriend Melissa this past summer.

EDMONTON, AB – Local man Adam Felch has decided that he will propose to his girlfriend of two years at centre ice during an Oilers game next month.

The 27-year-old has been flirting with the idea since seeing it in a movie a little while ago.

"All women appreciate grand pronouncements of love," he told The Elbow. "So what better way to impress her than by taking one of the most tender moments in her life, and doing it on the jumbotron in front of 20,000 people?"

Since coming up with the idea, he has spent countless hours watching YouTube videos of other public proposals, trying to decide how he should plan his own.

When asked if he was concerned about being rejected in front of an arena full of strangers, he said the thought hadn't even crossed his mind.

"That won't happen," he laughed. "I know Melissa. She's just gonna love this idea."

Three of Felch's best friends tried talking him out of the idea on Tuesday evening, holding an intervention at their local pub.

"Here we go, the boys up to their old tricks to keep their buddy single," he was overheard saying. "Well I'm not falling for it."

"What I really need to know from all of you is if I should get the cheerleaders to shoot t-shirts at us from those cannons, or if we'd prefer to do human bowling after she says yes."

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