Coach's Corner ends on time

The Elbow staff

Image Source:  KatieThebeau

Image Source: KatieThebeau

TORONTO, ON – For the first time in the history of the show, Coach's Corner has finished on time.

After an extensive review of the tape from last night's segment, CBC personnel today confirmed what viewers had been speculating all evening.

"We had a lot of calls on Saturday night about an unusually timely and stress-free finish," spokesman Matthew Spokes said. "Our technicians have confirmed that we did in fact go to ad break on time."

According to viewers, co-host Ron MacLean was not once seen looking frantically off-camera and asking producers "How are we for time?"

It was the first occasion since MacLean joined the segment in 1986 that such a question was not asked. He did, however, tell Don Cherry "90 seconds" a couple of times, as he is contractually obliged to.

Cherry happily accepted the minute and a half deadline and stopped ranting about pinko Russians in time for MacLean to send to commercial. 

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