Offside challenge is coach's favourite part of the job

The Elbow staff

NASHVILLE, TN – Predators head coach Peter Laviolette was reportedly heard saying today that his favourite part of the job is challenging offsides after opposing teams score.

The veteran bench boss said the excitement that he gets from a coach's challenge is unlike any other play in hockey, and that before the league introduced the rule last season, he wouldn't do much during games.

"I'd usually spend the first period trying to count all of the people in the crowd, and then in the second period I would see how long I could hold my breath for," he said. "Usually after 30 seconds my face would get all red and the players would think that I was mad at them."

"Now I actually have something to do during the games, which is kinda neat, I guess."

Laviolette said he lets his assistant coaches deal with line changes and "boring things like that". His main role on game day is to hold his hands up in the air and start yelling at the referees as soon as the other team scores

"It's a huge thrill when they slow down the game for you. The rush of blood is something you get addicted to."

"Knowing that you're taking the fun out of the sport is an amazing feeling."

Laviolette said the other "proper job stuff" that he likes doing involves staring down the refs during the anthems, and thinking up nicknames for annoying beat reporters.

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Social media image courtesy of Paul Nicholson