'Wednesday Night Rivalry' features actual rivalry

The Elbow staff

NEW YORK, NY – According to viewers who watched NBCSN's Wednesday Night Rivalry game last night, the network made the bizarre decision to air a contest between two teams who are legitimate rivals.

The game reportedly featured the New York Rangers and New York Islanders, who faced off in their 340th game against one another since the latter joined the NHL in 1972.

The network apologized to viewers for the unfortunate decision in a statement on Thursday morning.

"On behalf of the network, I would like to make it clear to hockey fans around the country that the person responsible for this decision has been let go," the statement read. "It was an egregious error that goes against everything our network believes Rivalry Night should be."

"We look forward to giving fans what they really want next season, and we have plans in place to bring back classic contests such as Buffalo-Detroit and Colorado-Chicago."

Fans in New York expressed their confusion at being featured on the weekly time slot.

"I've been a fan of this team since I was a boy," Long Island native Antonio Rossi said. "When I found out one of my cousins wore a red and blue tie to prom, I thought he was a closeted Rags fan, and told his parents that he hated Jesus and had him whooped with a belt."

"If there's somewhere our two teams clearly don't belong, it's playing on rivalry night."

Rangers fans will get a taste of the fabricated rivalries they're used to when they face off against Washington in the final Rivalry Night of the season on April 5.

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Social media image by V Manninen