With no Leafs game, CBC to play 'Coronation Street' reruns instead of HNIC

The Elbow staff

Image:  Ivan Judak

Image: Ivan Judak

TORONTO, ON – The CBC announced this morning that it will be running repeats of this week's episodes of Coronation Street instead of the usual Hockey Night in Canada spot this evening.

After the Leafs closed out their three-game road trip in California last night, this will be just the second Saturday of the year in which they do not play.

"The viewership for Coronation Street is approximately five times higher than any Senators game since 2007," Mike Sathers, head of programming for the network, said. "So it makes sense for us to simply ignore the fact that they're playing."

"This week's episodes were all thrillers. The feedback we received from my 70-year-old aunties was a resounding two thumbs up."

According to Sathers, the fallout between Nathan and Bethany after his arrest on Friday's episode had the nation glued to its seats, and CBC executives felt that this was the perfect opportunity to capture that audience again.

"Viewers in Quebec will still get to see the Canadiens play against the Rangers, but all other markets will be without hockey."

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