Price on trading block after going pointless in playoffs

The Elbow staff

Image source:  Kristina Servant

Image source: Kristina Servant

MONTREAL, QC –  After a career-worst zero points through six playoffs games, it appears as if Carey Price's days as a Canadiens player are numbered.

Despite being one of his team's highest paid players, Price was able to muster absolutely no offence whatsoever in the first round against the Rangers.

"If Carey's not able to score some goals, I have no idea who we're left to rely on," head coach Claude Julien told the assembled media on Sunday morning. "We can't be depending on our first, second, third or fourth line guys to carry the load offensively."

Montreal sports talk radio was filled with callers pleading for GM Marc Bergevin to find someone to replace Price going into next season.

"In all his years here, he's never been a top scorer here," one caller said. "So why do we pay him so much? Why does the media love him?"

"I've never seen a guy so lazy in the offensive zone," another caller said. "He's so soft there that you barely even notice that he's on the ice."

"If he can't do anything more than stopping a few pucks, then it's probably time we got rid of that dead weight and made the most of the time we have with stars like Pacioretty and Plekanec."

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