Wingels avoids suspension after ghosts of hockey past appear to Quintal

The Elbow staff 

NEW YORK, NY – NHL Director of Player Safety, Stéphane Quintal today revealed that his department has chosen not to suspend Tommy Wingels after what he describes as a visit from the ghosts of hockey past.

The former NHL defenceman said the pair told him that his job was to uphold the rules laid down by the game's founding fathers 100 years ago, not to cave in to the current set of regulations.

"I won't go into much detail about what was said, but I've been shown the way," Quintal told reporters on Monday. "This league has survived for 100 years because we have respect for the destructive masculinity that helped shape the game."

However, it's been revealed to The Elbow by a source within the NHL that the two ghosts who revealed themselves to Quintal were in fact just his deputies George Parros and Chris Pronger.

"He fell asleep during a departmental meeting in which both men were arguing against issuing any suspensions in the post-season," the source said. "He must've woken up half-way through that."

"There were no ghosts. And there won't be any suspensions for head shots."

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