League suspends Ryan Johansen for not wearing suit to game

The Elbow staff 

NASHVILLE, TN – Predators forward Ryan Johansen has been suspended for the first ten games of the 2017-18 season after failing to arrive at his team's game six matchup against the Ducks wearing the correct attire.

League rules mandate that all players wear suits to games, regardless of if they're playing that evening or suffering from potentially life-threatening injuries. It's also preferred that they do something nice with their hair, as well.

"As everyone knows, the NHL's number one concern is protecting the image of the game," a league spokesman told The Elbow on Tuesday evening.

"Regardless of if a player almost lost a leg a few nights earlier, this league is very serious about the way it portrays itself. That starts with the players."

"We can't have fans see their heroes arrive looking like them."

Johansen's hair has also been the subject of numerous meetings in the league's offices in recent months. A source said that while he wouldn't be fooling anyone into thinking he's a businessman in a suit with that hair, it would be appreciated if he ran some product through it at least.

"If he's not going to rock the accountant look that they expect from the players, they at least want him looking like a well-dressed greaseball," the anonymous source said.

According to Tennessee state law, professional athletes must also wear a wide-brimmed hat to at least 50% of their games, and several sources say that with Monday's game, he dropped below that number.

Teammate P.K. Subban, on the other hand, has not taken his off since he was traded to Predators last summer, and is expected to receive the keys to the city in July.

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Social media image courtesy of Sportsnet