Erik Karlsson reveals he battled through playoffs with broken heart as well

The Elbow staff

Erik and Elsa in a happier time

Erik and Elsa in a happier time

OTTAWA, ON – Three days after getting eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs, Senators captain Erik Karlsson – who played all post-season with hairline fractures in his foot – revealed that he was also dealing with a broken heart thanks to a breakup with childhood sweetheart, Elsa.

Despite their relationship ending over 23 years ago when they were three years old, Karlsson said the memories are as painful today as they were back then.

"It stings, but these things happen for a reason," Karlsson told reporters. "I like to think I'm a better person now having lived through that."

"At the time, she told our parents that the decision to end the nine-day fling was a mutual one. But that wasn't the case. It was all her doing."

"I've never fully gotten over that. It happened in the spring, so this time of year is always a little hard. You try and put that sort of thing out of your head and just go out there and battle, but it's not easy."

While team doctors were more concerned with the fractures in his foot, they confirmed that he had been diagnosed with a broken heart.

In doing so, Karlsson became the first NHLer in history to have officially played through the playoffs with such a condition.

Taylor Hall is believed to be suffering from a severe broken heart after his relationship with the Oilers ended last summer, but sources confirm that given his track record, he'll never need to worry about battling the condition in the playoffs.

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