Country singer waiting for her big chance to butcher U.S. national anthem

The Elbow staff

Taylor Tucker on the cover of her latest album  These Wings Fly   South

Taylor Tucker on the cover of her latest album These Wings Fly South

FRANKLIN, TN – Up-and-coming country singer Taylor Tucker today revealed that she is keenly awaiting her moment to mutilate the Star-Spangled Banner in the Stanley Cup Final.

After watching Martina McBride and Dierks Bentley force words out of their mouths to the tune the anthem before the past two games, she believes she is ready for her opportunity.

"I really admire both of those guys...I'd say that they're kind of my idols," Tucker told The Elbow. "I always like to follow the preparation techniques that I think my heroes take, so I haven't slept in days, I've been screaming at the neighbours' cats, and have retrained my brain to completely forget all of the musical training that I've ever received."

"My voice is completely shot and I couldn't hit a C if you asked me to. I've never been more ready for this opportunity."

Along with everyone else in Nashville, Tucker was happy to learn that the Predators won last night, as it guarantees her a chance for that moment in the spotlight with a call-up to perform in game six.

The team has not yet announced a starter for that game, but according to a source, the NHL social media team has already prepared the Facebook post: "Country star power in Nashville 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼"

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