Harvey the Hound put down after being hit by car

The Elbow staff

Calgary police released this photo of a motionless Harvey the Hound at the scene of the accident. Image source:  Sergei / Vulkan0808

Calgary police released this photo of a motionless Harvey the Hound at the scene of the accident. Image source: Sergei/Vulkan0808

CALGARY, AB – Beloved mascot of the Calgary Flames, Harvey the Hound, was put down overnight after being hit by a car on a busy city road.

Emergency personnel were called to the scene around 11:40pm on Thursday, where the popular mascot was found lying motionless on the asphalt with serious injuries. Shortly after being airlifted to a veterinary clinic, he was administered a fatal dose of pentobarbital and pronounced dead.

Eyewitnesses say Harvey was cartwheeling and shooting t-shirts out of a cannon up Deerfoot Trail moments before the accident. Police are yet to confirm if drugs or alcohol were present in his system.

"At this stage, we're not willing to go into specifics," superintendent Barry Scootch said. "But we certainly won't rule anything out."

The team confirmed the reports this morning.

"I can confirm that Harvey the Hound is now in doggy heaven," GM Brad Treliving told reporters at the Saddledome. "He can now enjoy doing all of his favourite doggy activities with his other friends."

"This news has taken a significant toll on everyone in the organization, especially Johnny Gaudreau, who was playing fetch with the hound that very same morning."

Harvey's closest friends admit the canine had been dealing with a number of issues recently, including a particularly tough divorce as well as fearing for his job.

"He told me last week that he saw a new mascot called Davey the Dachshund leaving the GM's office," he said.

"Everyone loves sausage dogs, and Davey was apparently gaining quite a name for himself down in the ECHL. Harvey thought his job was in serious jeopardy."

Treliving denied the rumours and said that Davey was not there for a job interview.

"Davey the Dachshund is a personal friend of my family, and he was just visiting for a chat. The team will address the topic of our next mascot at a later date."

"At this point, we ask that Harvey's wife and 10 children are given the privacy that they deserve."

There will be a private ceremony held in the family's backyard on Sunday, where the hound will be buried.

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