New NHL jerseys to feature scratch and sniff logos

The Elbow staff

NEW YORK, NY – In a joint press conference with jersey manufacturer Adidas, the NHL today announced that teams will be sporting logos equipped with scratch and sniff technology this season.

League commissioner Gary Bettman said fans will be able to purchase jerseys with the scratch and sniff logos for an additional price of $49.99.

They will come in a wide variety of scents, with up to 60 options to choose from.

"We're excited to give our fans an extra perk for every game," he said. "Whether they're at the arena or watching at home, they'll be able to see their team play under optimal smelling conditions," he said.

"We've done lots of work to offer pairing suggestions for each jersey, but fans are also allowed to choose whatever combination they'd like."

Some of the pairings suggested on include Detroit with rotting octopus, Colorado with burning tires, and New Jersey with that smell you just can't quite put your finger on.

The NHL also announced several payment plans and leasing options to give fans the opportunity to actually own one of the jerseys, one day.

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