Tom Wilson's victims pray for an end to his suffering

The Elbow staff

Tom Wilson has spent the past two weeks living through a nightmare. Image source:  Wikipedia

Tom Wilson has spent the past two weeks living through a nightmare. Image source: Wikipedia

ST. LOUIS, MO — Two of Tom Wilson's victims spoke up today after the Capitals forward described the hell he's endured while spending the past two weeks in the press box.

The Capitals forward was suspended by the NHL for 20 games to start the regular season.

Wilson's heart-wrenching description of his current plight moved the currently handicapped Oskar Sundqvist, as well as Zach Aston-Reese, to defend their perpetrator.

"I can't imagine the pain he's currently going through," recently concussed Sundqvist said during his one hour of being upright per day.

"It really puts things into perspective when you're only living with something as trivial as a brain injury and dysfunctional shoulder."

"It's true that at times like this, you get to look at the suffering of your fellow man, and see that the things that stop you from doing simple day-to-day tasks really don’t matter much."

Wilson has had to wake up every day since the suspension and live with the brutal reality of having spent a full night sleeping in his own bed, taking a shower, making breakfast, and driving to the rink for a lonely skate.

Thinking back to his three straight months over the summer spent in a dark room and unable to eat solid foods, Penguins forward Zach Aston-Reese had some kind words for Wilson.

"What he's dealing with sounds unbearable. I think the message I'd send to him is that he’s going to get through this," Aston-Reese said. "When I was sitting silently in my basement with blackout curtains back in July, unable to stand up without assistance and unable to eat solid foods, I thought life couldn’t get much worse."

"But skating on your own without your friends is a pain I'm yet to feel, thankfully. I pray that it never comes to that."

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