Senators set focus on winning Chevrolet Good Deeds Cup

The Elbow staff


OTTAWA, ON – On the eve of the new NHL season, the Ottawa Senators today announced that they would be shifting their focus towards winning Chevrolet's Good Deeds Cup rather than the more traditional goal of the Stanley Cup.

The team believes the competition — which puts an emphasis on charity rather than winning — is a far more achievable goal that suits their style of play.

Head coach Guy Boucher told the media today that his players welcomed the challenge.

"Our style of hockey doesn't really lend itself to being judged on things like wins and losses," he said. "We feel that winning the Good Deeds Cup gives us a more realistic goal to aim for," he said.

When asked what good deeds they plan on doing this season, Boucher pointed to the Karlsson trade straight away.

"The team gave Erik a new home, far away from this city. We've given him the chance to win the Stanley Cup, because he would always talk about how that was his goal or something. His values didn't align with the team's, but that's not the point."

The team also announced that this season's motto "We Are A Team" will be launched prior to their home opener against Chicago on Wednesday.

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