Welcome to the home of hockey satire.

As you may or may not have noticed, the hockey media can get awfully boring. (We sure do love highlight packages and 24/7 sports news, but reading features about hometown players can be as boring as fluff pieces written about politicians by members of their own party).

Our mandate is to provide you with an alternate, more entertaining version of what you'll find anywhere else. A funny spin on real issues in the hockey world, if you will.

Now for the serious mumbo-jumbo.

All of the articles you'll find on The Elbow are fictitious. When real people are mentioned by name, all corresponding story details and quotes are fake. Images on The Elbow consist of stock photography, creative commons and original photos. All images have been attributed to the respective authors based on terms and conditions provided at the time of use. Use of these works does not suggest that the authors endorse us or our use of the work.

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