Detroit city council to vote on whether Little Caesars Arena still an arena if it has pineapple on top

The Elbow staff

Source:  Ted Eytan

Source: Ted Eytan

DETROIT, MI – With Little Caesars Arena just six months away from openings its doors to the public for the first time, city council members are set to discuss one of the most important issues in Detroit's storied history.

The nine members of council will be putting forth their arguments regarding whether or not the structure is still arena if it has pineapple on top.

Debate sessions will begin this week, with the early opinion among members being very much mixed. Several hardliners have stated that it will never be an arena if the topping is allowed, while many of the younger members are more open to it.

"Sure it's an arena if it has pineapple on top," councillor Todd Malmot said. "There's no topping that can stop an arena from being an arena."

"Is it a permanent structure surrounded by seating in an enclosed environment that hosts entertainment events such as sports, music, and other such things? Then it's an arena."

Malmot went on to say that it is an idea that has been accepted for decades, and it's about time people opened up their minds to the possibility of different things.

Other councillors, such as Mary Fine, disagree.

"What sort of sick person puts pineapple on an arena?" The councilwoman said. "There has to be a line that stops an arena from being an arena. You put fruit on an arena and it becomes a fruit salad."

"There's a very specific combination of materials that make an arena: Concrete, steel and glass. If you want to go playing God and adding things that don't belong there, you very quickly forget what you're building."

The vote will take place in two weeks.

A motion to build a circular ice surface was overruled by the council in 2014 due to the belief that they may've been taking the pizza analogy a little too far.

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