Man insists that he doesn't regret buying All Star jersey

The Elbow staff

REGINA, SK – According to his closest buddies, local man Gregory Simmons, remains insistent to this day that he does not regret buying his 2015 All Star jersey.

Simmons, 22, bought the jersey on the day they first became available last year, and swears that he still wears it.

"My friends keep trying to get me to admit that it was a stupid thing to buy, but I promise you that I regret nothing," he said.

"In 20 years, people will be offering me big bucks for this Team Foligno jersey. My buddies don't know what they're talking about. I wear it all the time." 

Tyler, one of his closest friends, has tried calling his bluff on numerous occasions.

"There are some nights when the boys and I take him out and just start feeding him shots left and right," he said. "Then we start arguing that it is one of the worst all star jerseys of all time, hoping that he breaks down and admits it was a stupid purchase."

"We're always getting stuck into him about shelling out $200 for something he wore just once, but he's adamant he still uses it. We never see it."

One of his other friends says he doesn't even believe that Simmons likes the design.

"When it first came out, all of us were saying how ugly it was, and he kinda resisted and said it wasn't too bad. Then he took ownership of liking it and has stuck by it this past year."

"I don't think it's possible for anyone to like it."