Darryl Sutter wows reporters with unintentional Mannequin Challenge

The Elbow staff


LOS ANGELES, CA – Kings head coach Darryl Sutter had reporters completely stunned at a press conference this morning with what they thought was his own submission for the Mannequin Challenge.

The two-time Stanley Cup winner took questions from reporters while standing perfectly still and showing off his trademark perplexed look.

A number of people in attendance pulled out their phones to record the scene as journalists joined in by holding microphones up to a confused Sutter and pretending to freeze mid-question.

"What's wrong with these guys?" He asked, barely moving his mouth or making any facial expressions as words seeped out. "Why are you all standing there like that?"

After a minute of awkward silence and confused looks from the coach, the reporters all clapped and cheered.

"Best I've seen so far," one reporter said. "Not only was there no movement in his face, there was absolutely no emotion, either."

"Absolutely textbook."

Half an hour after all of the journalists had left the press conference, Sutter was seen still standing behind the microphones muttering to himself in perfect stillness.

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