Habs usher revels in making fans wait to get back to seats

The Elbow staff 

MONTREAL, QC – Ronnie Gauthier, a part-time usher at the Bell Centre for Canadiens games, has revealed that his favourite part of the job is making fans wait in the aisles before returning to their seats during breaks in play.

"Just wait here, thanks folks," he was heard saying with a smirk on his face during the first period of the Habs' home game against the Lightning last week.

"Gotta wait until the next TV timeout."

Gauthier, 46, first started working as an usher five years ago after multiple failed attempts at joining the Montreal police force.

"I just love it," he told The Elbow. "There's a certain thrill you get from knowing that you're the guy standing between the fans and the game they love."

"My favourite moments are always the seconds before play begins again, when I have to put the hand out and stop everyone from rushing to their seats."

"You should see the tension on their faces when something good happens on the ice and they're stranded in the aisle without a view. I always make sure to get a good look at the action and report some crazy version of events back to them."

"It makes all the long nights worthwhile."